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The Reliable Chinese Single Herbs & Spices Wholesaler Since 1990

Founded in 1990, DRAGON SPICE has proved itself as the most reliable wholesaler in the industry after cooperating with hundreds of distributors, wholesalers, and brand owners. If you are looking for both a unique top quality and a trustworthy partnership, LONGCHUN SPICE is the right place.

Spices Sourcing Service Tailored to Your Needs

To elevate your brand’s impact, we provide comprehensive spice sourcing service and private label solutions to satisfy individual group demands. Our sensitive and knowledgeable team can thoroughly catch your needs and bring them alive.
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Looking For Wholesaler & Supplier for Your Chinese Seasoning Spices Business?


Industry Leader

Our company founder Mr. Wei Xingsong is the top leader of star anise and cassia in China.

Mfg Direct Wholesale

We have our processing factory, which is located in Wuzhou City, China.

Fast Delivery

We have bulk spices in stock, so most of the orders we can deliver in about 15 days.

35 Years Experience

We have been trading star anise, cassia, galangal root and dry ginger for over 35 years!

Quality Control

From raw material to finished products, spices pass through 6 quality control processes.

Star Service

You will get One One pre and after-sale service. Replies are within 48 hours.

hand selected star anise

Only the Finest Hand Selected Quality

Quality is challenging and essential to a Brand. We understand end-users expectations and deeper needs when using seasoning spice. And we also know our products very well. Therefore, we produce with reliable experience to create the outstanding quality that will meet all demands and prosper your brand.

Confidently speaking, we have the leading spices resources, modern equipment, and the most stringent quality control system to ensure every detail is remarkable and impeccable.

Committed to Safe & Natural Green Spices

DRAGON SPICE is an environment-conscious company striving to make safe & natural green Chinese single herbs & spices. Being responsible for our output and the environment is being trustworthy to our clients.

Besides, we never forget our intention of making Safe & Green spices from the start. Hence, we are committed to utilizing safe and greenways to reduce environmental contamination or adverse health effects.

green star anise

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