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Beyond A Chinese Single Herbs & Spices Wholesaler

Based in China, DRAGON SPICE has been a confident Chinese single herbs & spices wholesaler since 1990. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and techniques, each year, we stably deliver 8,000 tons of high-quality single herbs & spices to the seasoning world throughout the globe.

However, we are more than a Chinese single herbs & spices wholesale exporter. We are your reliable spices business partner with decades of solid experience, creating extra brand values and profitability for you in the fast-developing seasoning industry. And we are also the rising star of the company that will inspire and realize your success.

Our power in numbers

Well understand each customer’s need, provide them with perfect quality spices, and help them source the spices they want. Simply put, we do it all, so you don’t have to.

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Why Choose Us as Your Seasoning Spices Partner

Original and Green Spices

Our processing factory is located in Wuzhou City, China, where the main producing area is star anise and cassia cinnamon. We procure the spices directly from the local farmers to ensure your spices are the most original and natural green.

Precise and Rapid Production

Your seasoning spices challenges are fully addressed here. No matter the spices type, exceptional craftsmanship, or particular packages, we can actualize your desired spices products in a well-managed schedule with no delay.

Professional Customer Service

DRAGON SPICE is primarily specialized in Chinese single herbs & spices manufacturing. We not only understand the products but also know your needs. Our team is at your disposal with high professionalism.

Insight & Value of DRAGON SPICE

Our vision leads us to who we are.
hand selected star anise

Quality Always Matters

Only quality makes a brand last. DRAGON SPICE will always be by your side to elevate your brand image and enhance your brand influence.


Customers Come First

Every customer will be highly valued regardless of business size. DRAGON SPICE will work as your powerful extension to help you succeed.


Sustainability Goes Farther

CSR and production sustainability are both essential for further development. Only natural spices and processes will DRAGON SPICE use.

Meet Up with Our Team

Our professional team consists of spice industry professionals with over more than 35 years of experience.

Mr. Wei Xingsong

Dragon Spice CEO
Speaker of China Spice Association

Mr. Wei Jianze

Production Manager

Mr. Charles Lin

Sales Director

Ms. Yang Xiaoling

Support manager

Honors & Certifications

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