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Spice Sourcing Service

Since 2016, DRAGON SPICE has been rapidly expanding its product range. The following are our competitive seasoning spices under our supply chain.

Siraitia grosvenorii, monk fruit, luo han guo

Monk Fruit

Sang Ji Sheng, Taxillus chinensis twig,Chinese taxillus herb

Chinese Taxillus Herb

Ramulus Cinnamomi, Gui Zhi, Cassia Twig

Ramulus Cinnamomi

dried longan pulp

Dried Longan Pulp

China sand ginger wholesaler

Sand Ginger

China black pepper wholesaler

Black Pepper

China white pepper wholesaler

White Pepper

China dry Turmeric Fingers wholesaler

Turmeric Fingers

fennel seed

Fennel Cumin seed

ground spices

Ground Spices

essential oil

Essential Oil



More Options at Your Sourcing Service

Dried Ginger Powder


Sometimes our clients procure spices powder from us. We can ground your spices as your requirement, from 80-100 to 100-120 mesh. We can promise 100% pure ground spices and free of impurities.
spices blending


The blending of the Five Spices Powder is very popular in China, also around the world. If you have a formula, we can also blend the grinding spices powder as your requirement.

customization packaging


Custom packaging in tone with your brand image is one of our option offers. From glass, plastic to paper packages, we leave you full access to unique pack materials and designs.

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